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3 Simple 2020 Trade Show Trends To Look For

2020 Trade Show Trends

As we head into the final chapter of a decade, it’s fun to look back at how things have changed over the last ten years. Today, features such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and interactive screens are accessible to brands big and small. This technology has allowed trade show exhibits to evolve and offer new ways for clients to interact and form brand relationships. Be sure to implement these 3 simple 2020 trade show booth trends to make the most of your exhibit experience next year. 

1.Live Demonstrations 

Trade show attendees are faced with so many multi-sensory experiences that can lead to diminished attention spans. While scientists disagree on how long a human’s attention span lasts, we can say for certain that it’s growing shorter by the day. Remember why people attend trade shows in the first place. They want to see, touch and experience new products, get to know the people behind the brands, and create more meaningful connections than what happens online. 

Live demonstrations provide necessary information in a clear and memorable way. Decide how often you plan to run the demonstrations and where they will be held. Make sure your audience is comfortable. Also, be have knowledgeable, well-trained staff leading the demos. They must be able to answer tough questions. 

2. Nostalgia 

From the TV show spin-off Fuller House, to throwback games like Plinko, everyone is hopping on the nostalgia train. Although technology continues to propel us forward, nothing captures our attention (and our hearts) quite like nostalgia. 

There are actually scientific reasons why people love nostalgia. First, it elicits positive emotions and keeps us happy. Instead of feeling like we’ve lost things, old memories remind us of what we’ve gained. Nostalgia also brings people closer together, instills hope, and supplies meaning to our lives. Knowing how important nostalgia is, find ways to work it into your exhibit design. Maybe re-introduce vintage products, feature childhood games or give away tickets to a whimsical place, like an amusement park or water park. 

3. Charging Stations 

With so much sensory overload happening on the trade show floor, attendees appreciate a mental break. So why not be the brand to give it to them? 

Charging stations have become a must-have for booths and stands at trade show events. Most attendees have their phones with them and are using them the entire time to snap photos, add contact info, schedule appointments, etc. Their batteries are sure to run low! By offering a place to recharge, you invite people in to linger and relax. This means you will have their attention and can introduce them to your products and services through kiosks and LCD screens. People will also appreciate that you’ve provided them with a service they need. 


If you want to stand out at your upcoming trade show events, technology isn’t the only way to do it. You can create engaging, memorable experiences just by embracing simple things like live demonstrations, nostalgia and a relaxing space. Contact us to learn more about implementing these trends into your next custom trade show display