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7 Amazing Benefits of Face-to-Face Marketing

two men talking during networking event

We’re living in a digital age, but interacting face-to-face with customers should still be a part of your marketing strategy. One of the best ways to connect with your audience is by exhibiting at trade shows. You’ll have the perfect backdrop and an audience that is eager to hear about your products and services. By putting a face to your name, people will feel more invested in your company and be more likely to buy from you. 

Never underestimate the power of face-to-face marketing that can take place at your custom exhibit display. Here are seven trade show benefits you don’t want to ignore. 

  1. Build Relationships 

No matter how digital things become, brands are still about people and relationships. The best way to build solid relationships is through in-person conversation. You can learn a lot about your customers this way, such as their frustrations and the things they love about your products. 

  1. Understand Your Customers

By speaking directly with customers, you can discover what matters most to them. Knowing your customers’ priorities helps you develop better products and services that meet their needs. Plus, when customers feel heard and understood, they form deeper bonds with the company. 

  1. Discover Pain Points 

It’s important to know your customers’ pain points, as your products are meant to solve these challenges. Asking your customers directly is an effective way to know what their frustrations are. This also gives you the opportunity to explain how your products and services solve these challenges. To do so, educate customers using virtual reality

  1. Develop Trust 

Trust is critical for customer loyalty, but it’s hard to build this through online means only. Not only is it difficult to establish trust over the internet, but also you must compete with noise from your competitors. At your custom trade show exhibit, you have your audience’s full attention. Engaging in face-to-face interactions allows you to build confidence in prospects.

  1. Practice Active Listening 

At a trade show, you can give your full attention to customers. This gives them a sense of ownership, which is good for building loyalty. When customers feel like an important part of your company, they are more likely to return. And as we know, returning customers are awesome because they are cheaper and spend more

  1. Be Accessible 

Consumers like to do business with brands they trust. Being accessible is important because it allows you to put your prospects’ fears at ease. You can answer their questions, clear up confusion and help them develop realistic expectations. These conversations make customers feel comfortable handing over their hard-earned cash. 

  1. Communicate Effectively

It’s easy to misread a message or response online, especially if sarcasm or jokes are included. Talking in-person is far more effective and leads to better results. The conversation feels natural and genuine, and both you and your customers can see each other’s facial expressions and body language. 

Trade shows provide the perfect opportunity to have in-person conversations. You’ll have a highly targeted audience to speak with and an interactive retail display to support your discussions. To start an exhibit project that facilitates in-person marketing, contact IGE today.