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How to Maximize a 10×10 Trade Show Booth Space

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People often assume that they need a big trade show booth to make an impact, but this isn’t necessarily true. There are plenty of exhibitors that have success with small booths, as they know how to maximize their brand and build relationships with prospective clients. If a 10×10 trade show booth exhibit is what your budget allows, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to make a splash! 

Below are some of our best tips for maximizing a 10×10 trade show booth space. 

Set a Realistic Budget 

Just because you are choosing a smaller exhibit doesn’t mean you should go cheap. Realistically, 10×10 trade show exhibits can cost between $2,000 and $15,000. Of course, you can bring this cost down, but you don’t want to deny yourself a quality exhibit. Be prepared to invest your resources into a premium exhibit that showcases your brand in a positive light. 

Keep in mind that small exhibits can sometimes be mistaken for kiosks or mobile charging stations, so it’s important to choose a durable and sturdy structure. By investing in a quality exhibit, you can get several uses out of it and stretch your dollar further. Also leave room in your budget for trade show accessories like lighting, backlighting, games and promotions

Partner with an Experienced Exhibit Company 

You don’t want to cut corners with an inexperienced exhibit company. Always work with a professional company that has a strong track record. Not only will they know how to bring your vision to life, but also they’ll help maximize your budget. 

At IGE Group, our clients tell us what they want to spend, and we help them allocate their resources accordingly. We know what’s worth investing in and what you can skip over, as well as ways to save money without cutting corners. We have extensive experience working with smaller trade show exhibits – many of our clients enjoy continued success with them! 

Choose Quality Graphics

Another element you don’t want to skimp on is your graphics. If there’s one thing that’s going to get you noticed, it’s your graphics and lighting. Work with your trade show company to create bright, bold graphics that demand attention, such as banners, backdrops, tabletop displays, floor graphics, backlit graphics and more. 

The nice thing about trade show graphics is that they can utilize all of your exhibit space. You can have graphics on the floor, as well as banners that hang from the ceiling. This way, you don’t have to cut back on graphics just because you have a smaller booth. Trade show attendees devote just a few seconds to decide whether or not to visit a booth, so it’s crucial that you give your graphics the appropriate attention. 

Staff Your Booth Wisely 

Choose your booth staff wisely. Having a well-trained marketing team will make all the difference in whether or not people stop by to visit your booth. Not only should your staff be knowledgeable in your products and services, but also they should have a friendly and energetic disposition. People are naturally drawn to these types of people. 

You should also equip your team with the proper tools they need to do their jobs effectively. Here are some examples: 

  • Lead scoring software 
  • Promotional products 
  • Giveaways and prizes 
  • Games/interactive activities 
  • Social media hashtags for online streaming 

If your budget only allows for a small 10×10 booth, don’t think you automatically fall behind your competitors. A successful exhibit isn’t just about size. By choosing a quality exhibit with sturdy materials and compelling graphics, you can demand just as much attention on the trade show floor as your competitors. To discuss your needs for a smaller exhibit that packs a lot of punch, contact IGE Group today.