InterGlobal Exhibits

Custom Modular Exhibit Product Showcase CES



  • Year 2015
  • Client Whirlpool
  • Mandate 50' X 50' - 2500 square foot exhibit
  • Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

What we did

  • Strategic planning
  • Creative strategy
  • Large format printing
  • Production
whirlpool custom modular exhibit

Modular Exhibit

We built a custom modular exhibit for Whirlpool's domestic trade-shows using innovative, eye-catching design that allows for annual adjustments and updates to showcase new product launches and offers interactive experiences using the latest technologies. 

whirlpool custom modular exhibit

Innovative Welcoming Warmth

The Whirlpool exhibit was not only built to showcase the product, but was also designed and built to reflect the Whirlpool brand promise. Whirlpool’s brand principles of warmth and welcoming were achieved through the detailing of this custom modular exhibit, from the warm lighting, to the lifestyle images, down to the finishes used on cabinetry and counter tops. 

whirlpool custom modular exhibit

Largest Appliance Marketer

Whirlpool is an American Fortune 500 company and the largest home appliance marketer in the world. IGE worked one-on-one with the client, covering every detail in order to bring the Whirlpool brand to life at the CES show.


whirlpool custom modular exhibit

Visitors 28k+

Appliances 300

Lights 72