InterGlobal Exhibits

Modular Custom Miami Boat Show

Sea Ray Boats


  • Year 2012
  • Client Sea Ray
  • Mandate 50' X 115' - 5750 square foot exhibit
  • Location Miami, Florida, United States

What we did

  • Creative strategy
  • Production
  • Vinyl application
  • Consumer event experiences

Uncontrived Exhibit Lines

Sea Ray is the world's largest manufacturer of superior quality pleasure boats, sport boats, sport cruisers, sport yachts, and yachts. In 2012, IGE was offered the privilege of designing and building the next Sea Ray exhibit-experience for both the Miami and New York Boat Shows.

After a lot of research on the design tradition of yachts, and experimenting with different shapes, IGE hit on the concept of a hanging wave sign by rolling a piece of paper. This was the concept Sea Ray wanted to go for and IGE made it happen. 

Simple. Asymmetrical. Open.

The exhibit was crowded with boats. Every single model was available at the booth, making the flow difficult to navigate. IGE’s award-winning design made it a great experience, simple and open, for all visitors. Its beauty lies in its natural and uncontrived exhibit lines and appearance that portray the asymmetrical balance we find in water, and at the heart of yacht design aesthetics. 

Visitors 12k+

Horsepower 10,350

Boats 38