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4 Tips to Help You Pick the Best Trade Show Booth Location

trade show location

There are many factors that go into a successful trade show marketing program, and the location of your booth is one of them. The right location will get your exhibit the exposure it deserves while guiding the right traffic your way. Consider how important location is for businesses. A business that is strategically positioned off a major roadway near other amenities gets more traffic than one that is set off into the distance. 

To help you pick the best trade show location for your exhibit, here are four simple tips to follow. 

Tip #1. Choose a High Traffic Area 

One of the most sought-after booth spots on a trade show floor is near the entrance. This is where the most foot traffic happens, as everyone is entering from the same spot. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to catch the most people – and often those who are fresh and ready to engage!  

Of course, these exhibit spaces come with a higher price tag. You also have to reserve them early, and you may be required to choose a larger booth. So, if you are interested in being near the front, you’ll want to make sure this is within your budget

Another high-traffic area is along the major aisleways. Again, a lot of foot traffic comes through here, giving your brand plenty of exposure. Other populated areas to consider are near bathrooms, lounge areas and intersections. And in most cases, these spots will cost less than being near the entrance. 

Tip #2. Gravitate Toward the Major Brands 

If you’re a little late to the party, trade show booth spaces near the entrance may already be taken. Another suggestion is to check out the floorplan as a whole and pay special attention to where major brands will be. Once you know their location, you can strategically place yourself near them. 

This is a good strategy because you can expect the major brands to get plenty of traffic. As attendees flock to these exhibits, they’ll see your booth as well. If you have friendly staff, fun giveaways and interactive activities, you’ll naturally attract people your way, especially if the other exhibits are crowded. 

Tip #3. Consider the Flow of Traffic 

In the U.S., things naturally move to the right. With this in mind, being in the back, left corner of the trade show floor won’t be very desirable. Try to avoid these areas, even though they may be cheaper. There’s a reason why they cost less. 

The flow of traffic also affects what exhibits people see on the trade show floor. For example, even though being in the front is most desirable, some attendees like to check things out instead of defaulting to the first exhibit. It’s possible that you will have more luck in the middle of the floor. 

Tip #4. Position Yourself Away from Competitors 

Another thing to consider is where your competitors will be. Keep some distance between you and them. First off, you don’t want to make things harder for yourself by fighting to be seen. If attendees visit your competitors’ booth, they may have no desire to stop by yours. 

Second, you want to avoid having your focus on your competitors. Save your energy for your own booth and visitors. You’re well aware that you have competitors on the trade show floor, but you don’t want your energy directed toward them and the experience they’re providing. 

These four tips will help you pick the best location for your trade show booth. This is only part of the trade show marketing strategy, however, as location only gets you so far. You’ll also need to have a quality exhibit with good lighting, eye-catching graphics and knowledgeable staff. Get in touch with IGE Group to discuss your trade show needs.