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8 Tips to Maximize Impact at Trade Shows

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What are the best ways you can maximize impact at trade shows? If you are getting lackluster results with your presence at live marketing events, it may be time to reevaluate your current strategy and overall execution. Booths can yield an impressive range of benefits and return on investment. However, putting together a plan on how to best leverage the showroom forum is the only way to maximize results and guarantee that your company gets noticed, no matter which businesses you find yourself sharing a floor space with.

Know How To Get Your Business Noticed In Any Size Venue

Are you ready to create a cohesive, updated plan of action? When putting together your strategy, consider these eight successful trade show booth tips that can help your business achieve maximum ROI and maximize impact:

Update Your Look:

Are your current portable displays looking drab and dreary? It’s time for a marketing makeover. Work with a professional design team to update your stands using bright, bold colors, as well as your current brand images and graphics for a final look that will resonate with the crowd.

Consider Location:

Oftentimes, business owners don’t garner the attention they are seeking simply because they are placed in a low traffic location. Carefully consider the showroom venue map to select the right location for your stands. It may cost a little extra for prime real estate, but the potential payoff could make it a worthy investment.

Be Approachable:

Having portable displays that look great simply isn’t enough; you must also have an exhibit that guests will feel welcome in as well. Smiling, engaging staff members are a must to guarantee that those passing by will want to take a moment to see what your organization has to offer and say.

Have A Booth Promotion:

Offering a “show only” special or promotion on your merchandise can prove a useful tool for driving traffic to your portable displays during the event.

Host A Contest:

What’s another way to get guests excited to check out your custom exhibit? Host a contest during the event. Make it clear that participants have to enter the contest during the show by leaving their contact information, so you will have the lead data on file for future use.

Feed And Hydrate Guests:

Many show attendees don’t anticipate the long day of walking and roaming that they have ahead of them. Offering food and beverages at your portable displays is an easy way to keep their energy levels up while you chat with them about what your business has to offer.

Flex Your Expertise Muscles:

Want to get attendees buzzing about your in-the-know organization? Offer something that demonstrates your industry expertise. Offer a white paper, give a keynote address, or create a list of trending industry topics to hand out to guests.

Include Social Media:

Many businesses use their social media pages for their day-to-day marketing, but overlook these promotional resources during a live function. Incorporate your social media pages throughout the event and let people know that if they check in on your social media pages, they will receive various incentives (discounts, coupons, etc.).