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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

The Advantages of Trade Show Live Streaming

live streaming trade show events

If the primary goal of your trade show is to connect with more customers, live streaming your trade shows is definitely something to consider. Some of your customers will visit your booth in person, but some won’t be able to. For those in the latter group, live video streaming can bring the event to them.

If you’re looking to reach a wider audience while showing off your brand’s personality, live streaming will help you get more from your trade show events. Below are some tips for live streaming from your event booth.

Decide What You Want to Stream

You can stream almost anything, but make sure that it offers value to your viewers. Start with things that your audience may be missing out on, such as a tour of your exhibit or a close up shot of your products. As you see what types of content your audience engages with, you can focus on adding more of it to your live feeds.

Here are some examples of what you can stream.

  • Live footage of your event
  • Product demonstrations
  • Booth staff introductions
  • Customer interviews
  • Tips on using your product or service
  • Tour of your booth
  • Breaking news
  • Q&A session

Know What Equipment You Need

One of the reasons why live streaming your booth is so popular is because you only need basic technology to do a professional job. There is no need to invest thousands of dollars into film or video equipment. All you need is a camera that can capture 1080p high-definition video, a decent microphone, a laptop computer and a good internet connection. As long as you have these ingredients, you can live stream anything from your booth.

Publicize Your Event

Let customers know that you’ll be live streaming your event. Those who are disappointed that they won’t be able to make the event will tune in to watch your live feeds. As the date gets closer, put reminders in your email newsletters, social media posts and blog posts. To increase interest in your live feeds, add an incentive, such as the chance to win prizes.

Plan Out Your Content

The purpose of having content is to capture your audience’s attention. To hook your customers in, don’t serve all of your content at once. Break it up into smaller pieces and give viewers a reason to visit you again. For example, you might encourage viewers to come back at 6 pm to see who wins the drawing or to participate in a Q&A.

Live streaming is an easy and effective way to gain more customer engagement from your trade shows. It’s not always possible for people to attend large events, so live streaming gives these people an alternative way to interact with your brand. And, be ready for anything, as you never what can happen when you go live!