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Going Green: Tips for Reducing Trade Show Event Waste

green forest display

Reducing trade show event waste can help your business go green. Perhaps you’re already making steps to be more eco-friendly. Transitioning to electronic documents and using sustainable office products are two examples. Going green is a brand move, so don’t limit efforts to your work space. Consider other ways you can be more environmentally friendly, such as by reducing trade show event waste. 

Below are a few simple ways to reduce and manage waste at your next conference.

Only Order What You Need

The first step in reducing waste is to use less of it! For example, share your message using touch screens instead of brochures or pamphlets. If you want something physical to hand out to guests, we suggest using promotional products. These items are effective at sharing your brand information and less likely to be thrown in the trash.

Choose a LEED-Certified Convention Center

Look for convention centers that have energy efficient upgrades, such as a recycling program, locally sourced meals, LED lighting and digital signage. The easiest way to do this is to search for “green meeting and conference venues” in your area or “LEED-certified venues.” For example, the Colorado Convention Center in Denver is LEED certified and has a preference for regional, organic and sustainable materials. 

Reuse Your Materials and Signage

You don’t need to start from scratch for each trade show event. For printed materials, don’t print the date or location unless necessary. This way, you can re-use the printed materials for other events. Invest in a custom exhibit that includes recycled and sustainable products and can be used for multiple events. For items you no longer need, consider donating them to a charity or recycling program.

Hand Out Sustainable Promo Items

We typically recommend handing out promotional items or sample products at your events. This brings traffic to your site and gives attendees small tokens to remember you by. After a long day of talking to vendors, reminders from the businesses helps attendees remember who they liked best. Hand out eco-friendly trade show items, such as organic cotton tees, recycled notebooks and reusable grocery bags to show your commitment to the environment.

More businesses are taking steps to be green and you should too. Reducing waste and creating a sustainable trade show booth is an effective way to show customers that you care about the environment.