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How Unique Retail Trade Show Stands Increase Sales

How Unique Retail Trade Show Stands Increase Sales

Developing a trade show exhibit specifically for retail sales takes good merchandising techniques, just like it would in a retail storefront. If your company is already selling retail merchandise at trade shows, you’ve probably invested a great deal of time and money in your exhibit design, and in training your sales team. You’ve taught them to upsell and accessorize, how to get customers to imagine how much pleasure or benefit they would gain from purchasing your products, and never to miss an opportunity to ask a figurative “Would you like fries with that?” These are all powerful, proven sales techniques, and nothing compares to a well-trained salesperson using them. You can further your sales team’s success by using these techniques in a different way on a series of unique retail trade show stands.


Increasing Sales at Retail Trade Show Events

  • Help Them Picture Themselves – Presumably, you’ve already got a strong understanding of your buyer personas, and what motivates them to buy. If you’re a clothing brand, it might be comfort, style, or cachet. If you sell window replacements, your buyers are probably motivated by things like the comfort and safety of their families, appearance of their homes, and energy savings. Design a series of banner stands that depict people like them who are already enjoying those benefits. Each banner in the series should feature your logo for consistency, but every banner can show different people enjoying themselves because they have your product: Relaxed people wearing your clothes on a sleigh ride, or a family sipping cocoa and enjoying a board game in their snug home fitted with your windows.
  • Make It Obvious – Some products require some explanation, and that’s done most effectively with pictures. What is this thing and what does it do? Why is it different from other products I’ve seen? Depict the answers to these questions in a series of banners and your customers will take it all in with a glance. They’re more likely to be receptive to your sales team when they have a basic understanding of your product.
  • Let Them See The Fries – When you help customers to see how your products work together, you make them more likely to buy when your sales team offers the fries. One extremely effective way to do this is using selective color photography on a series of banner stands. Again, each banner should feature your logo in its usual colors to promote brand recognition, but the photographs on the banners are black-and-white, except for your products. The entire photograph gives the background information (this couple is enjoying a perfect autumn hayride), while the color portions highlight the products themselves: “Oh, they’re not only wearing the shirts I can see on the rack over here, but also these soft, warm hats and fingerless gloves. Where are those?” Clearly, these people are enjoying themselves more because they also got the hats and gloves. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of smart banner stand design for retail sales.