InterGlobal Exhibits

Modular   Custom   NBAA



  • Year 2022
  • Client Gogo
  • Mandate 40' x 50' – 2,000 square foot exhibit
  • Location Orlando, Florida

What we did

  • Design and Fabrication
  • Graphic Production
  • Install and Dismantle
  • Audio and Video

A New Build. A Fresh Look.

From 5G to satellite internet, Gogo is transforming the private aviation
experience by enabling executive travelers to take their work, life and play with them. The inflight internet company knows that bringing the internet to the sky requires a great product and consumer trust. When Gogo enlisted the help of IGE, we immediately knew that we had to convey a high level of conviction with a quality product and breakthrough technology. And this is exactly what we accomplished for the 2022 NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Orlando FL, an event that draws in thousands of new and returning exhibitors. 

A Real Showstopper.

After 5 years of using the same design and exhibit, Gogo knew they wanted something different to feature their new 5G platform - the first of its kind for business aviation. With a product this futuristic, Gogo couldn’t sell itself short. They partnered with IGE and enlisted our help in building a modular custom exhibit with the most innovative upgrades. The large 40x50 exhibit featured 2,000 square feet of space with advanced features like multiple levels of signage, custom accent walls, large graphics, paneling and a conference area. The color red was chosen to stand out and instill energy, excitement and action in visitors.  

Technology Heavy.

As a tech company on the forefront of innovation, Gogo felt that their exhibit should feature sophisticated technology. If anyone could handle this, it would be a company like Gogo. They opted for a museum-like feel with large graphics, light boxes, LED lights and truss systems. Once inside the exhibit, visitors were transcended to a new environment where they were able to learn about the 5G network. As part of the educational experience, visitors were able to gather information from watching videos on two giant LED billboards using 70+ LED video tiles positioned 12’ high. A comfortable seating area with couches, a coffee table and large wall mirrors were at the heart of the exhibit, giving visitors a chance to relax and truly experience the Gogo brand.  

LED Video Tiles 70+

Light Boxes 12'

Square Feet of Fabric 4,500