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Rental Display Booths Keep Your Trade Show Options Open

Rental Display Booths Keep Your Trade Show Options Open

If your company exhibits at trade shows, you know it can be a challenge to keep your display exciting and fresh while staying on budget. You want to showcase your newest releases and you need the ability to adapt to differing booth sizes from show to show. Rental display booth offers a huge range of choices and options to create an exhibit that’s fine-tuned for each market, promotion, or season. If you work with a trade show house that offers custom graphics on rental display, your rental display will reflect your company’s brand and message and impress attendees with its polished and unified appearance while providing all the functionality your team needs to be successful at that show. Whether you’re renting a few pieces to achieve a specific objective or an entire booth, rental exhibit from a full-service trade show house offers all the choices you’ll need to make the perfect display for every show you attend.


  • Shift The Spotlight – Your marketing plan may require changing your trade show displayfrequently to spotlight your latest and greatest products or packages. Perhaps you need to change things up in order to target a specific market, or you shift modes seasonally. When your business requires frequent changes of scenery from its trade show display, rental can offer a simple and economical solution. Add custom graphics to those rental pieces and you’ve got a display booth that reflects the ideal image for every marketing opportunity on your calendar.


  • Adaptable Use – Most companies who exhibit at trade shows end up using more than one booth size or configuration over the course of the year. The rental display is ideal for helping your shift from standard booth spaces to islands or peninsulas and back, on demand. Expand or streamline as you need; choose the rental display pieces that create a look that highlights your brand image while offering your team all the utility they need to conquer the goals you set for each show.


  • Technology – Interactive and multimedia displays can be extremely effective trade show marketing tools because they draw attention using motion, color, and sound, and they give attendees a reason to come closer, so your team can start a conversation. Whether you’re considering a wall-sized projection screen, a set of workstations for visitors to experience your latest game or app, or tablet-based interactives, you can field an impressive technological display without committing to a huge investment. Take your new presentation out for a spin to see how well attendees respond or change the presentation entirely to drive interest at each show. However your marketing plans make use of technology at trade shows, rental pieces can support those plans economically.


Maximum Flexibility, Minimal Costs


In addition to all of the flexibility offered by rental display booths, consider your potential savings in storage, freight, drayage, and I&D. With quality custom graphics and some design creativity, you can achieve a unique look for your trade show booth using rental display and effectively manage costs at the same time.