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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Custom Store Fixtures aren’t Driving Sales

One of the main differences between ecommerce shopping and shopping in-person is the ability to create a physical interaction between the customer and the product. But what if your custom store fixtures aren’t driving the conversions you had hoped for?

Even though setting up a store fixture may appear to be straightforward, there are certain tips and tricks you’ll want to follow. Below are five reasons why your custom store fixtures and displays aren’t working and how to set up retail store displays that drive sales.

1. No Focal Point
When it comes to design, less is usually more. You want customers to focus on the end goal (i.e., buying your product), but having a busy design can distract them from this. Instead, it’s best to create a simple design that is well-organized and has a beginning and end.

To do this, establish a focal point for your display. This could be a main product supported by accessories or a seasonal item from your catalog. Make sure the focal point is noticeable from several feet away so that it captures people’s attention.

2. Lack of Interactivity
Immersive retail is creating more opportunities for brands to stand out and form meaningful connections with their audience. Luckily, your custom store fixtures can help out with this. Offer an element of surprise and encourage people to experience your products through their five senses. For example, if you sell food, let customers taste your products. Any bit of interactivity will help people remember your brand.

3. One-dimensional Design
If your store fixture designs are one-dimensional, it’s time to shake things up. Consider making your visuals more appealing by hanging products from different heights, varying the colors and textures, offering samples and more. The more personality you can give to your displays, the more attractive and engaging they will be to shoppers.

4. Lack of Purpose
Even if your unique retail store fixtures are visually pleasing, they must serve a purpose. Be sure that your store displays feature products that are for sale, easy to find in your store and contain updated pricing. You can also incorporate video displays or backlit displays to provide customers with more information.

5. Not Regularly Updated
All types of store fixtures should be regularly updated. Seeing the same fixtures can deter shoppers from stopping into your store. On the contrary, having newly updated fixtures that feature trending products is an excellent way to keep people checking in and visiting your store.

So when should you update your store fixtures and displays? Every couple of weeks is a good starting point. Of course, if you’re getting in new merchandise, you’ll want to feature these items as they come in. Contact IGE to learn more about creating displays that will help buyers feel confident and compelled to buy.