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Trade Show Exhibit Flooring Options

Newmar Exhibit Flooring

Lots of attention goes toward signage, background and interactive elements, but it’s also important to consider trade show exhibit flooring options. Every detail makes an impact on your overall presence. The right flooring can give your exhibit a professional, coordinated appearance that represents your brand’s personality. To help you choose the right flooring for your custom display, here are some popular trade show booth flooring options to explore.

Interlocking Squares

Interlocking squares offer unsurpassed comfort and durability for exhibit flooring. Typically made from eco-friendly foam and rubber materials, they are perfect when standing on your feet all day. With their jigsaw shape, each square fits together like a puzzle – an easy one, thankfully! Interlocking squares are also made in dozens of colors and prints.

Vinyl Flooring

Rollable vinyl flooring is flexible, durable and easy to work with for your trade show exhibit. It is unrolled and taped to the floor, then can be rolled back up for simple transport. Vinyl is a comfortable flooring, and it’s available in multiple lengths, widths and thicknesses. Many exhibitors select trade show vinyl flooring when they want the look of wood or stone without the price and upkeep. 

Raised Flooring

Raised flooring for a trade show exhibit made from a composite, vinyl or natural wood material is typical. The pieces snap together or are placed into a metal frame, making installation fairly easy. The wood can be dyed the color of your choice, giving your booth a highly personalized and sophisticated look. It is on the expensive end, so you must be willing to spend more.


Carpet is arguably the most economical trade show flooring option on the market. With both stick-on tiles and rollable carpet, there are endless options to consider for your booth. Carpet flooring offers extensive color options, as well as various patterns and textures. Exhibitors also appreciate that carpet delivers supreme comfort and durability.

Custom-printed Flooring

Custom-printed flooring costs more than the options listed above, but it’s a great choice for injecting more personality into your booth. Fortunately, custom-printed flooring is more affordable thanks to new printing technologies. Many big brands take advantage of custom flooring, but we also recommend it for startups that are trying to get their name out there. When combined with custom banners, it’s easy to stand out at trade show events. 

Artificial Turf

One last option to consider for trade show booth flooring is artificial turf. It’s simple to set up and take down, and it delivers a unique look and feel. Artificial turf flooring is ideal for exhibits that sell products and services related to sports, lawn care and landscaping. If you don’t like green, other colors are available as well. As an added benefit, most artificial turf can be recycled or re-purposed.

We hope that the above flooring options have opened your eyes to the different choices available for your exhibit. For more design ideas that will bring your exhibit to life, contact IGE today.