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Trade Show Display Branding That Creates A Lasting Impression

Trade Show Display Branding

Trade show display branding should be your highest priority. You should present your image and message in a logical way from the top down. The total impression visitors should take from your exhibit is that your products and services are under your company’s banner. If your trade show exhibit includes ceiling-suspended display space or towers, that’s where your design focus should begin. After that, the focus should be on the back wall, then on tall interior displays like shelving units. Eye-level display space should be next, followed by banner stands and other floor-based displays, like tables.


In most cases, your company logo should be displayed above everything else, like a flag. This places your over-arching visual mark in the most prominent place of notice. It also indicates that all of the other positive things your visitors will soon notice come from your company. Since these top-most display spaces usually have the largest surface areas, your logo will be visible from greater distances. One rare but important exception would be in the case of a product like Kleenex®. Most people in American know what Kleenex is, but much fewer people know the company who makes the product. This is one situation where it would be a better choice to place the brand logo above that of the company that makes the product.


The next element in this vertical arrangement should be a message. Which message depends on your objectives for your trade show presence. It may be a tagline for your brand message or bullets points that highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). If your company has a lot of product lines, a brand message might be a wise choice here, with more information about your product lines closer to eye level. If your business is built on a single major product, a short, punchy USP slogan can be very effective.

Supporting Visuals

Inside your booth, there are plenty of places to place additional visual branding and messages, but you’ll need to select carefully in order to create an overall impression that visitors can absorb quickly. Most of them won’t stand there for five minutes reading everything. Guests will likely feel overwhelmed and move on if you try to overload your booth. If you’re displaying merchandise, use the back of the shelving unit to display large graphics that attract visitors to the shelves. Use banner stands next to the shelves to explain the product’s USP and benefits very briefly, and with plenty of negative space around the words: Think bullet points of a few words each, not complete sentences.

Create A Lasting Impression With Top-Down Trade Show Branding

Branding a trade show display effectively depends on placing the right elements in the right places. Each element should be used in a way that strikes visitors as harmonious with the rest of the trade show exhibit and messages.