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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

Trade Show Exhibit Information Guests Actually Want

Things People Actually Care to See in Your Exhibit

Building a custom trade show booth lets you deliver targeted information to a highly engaged audience. Knowing that you need to present your audience with one-of-a-kind trade show content, it can be difficult to pick and choose what information you share. Balance is important, as too much information will bore or confuse your audience, while too little will leave them underwhelmed. Below we share the trade show information guests actually want from your exhibit.

Why Your Brand Does What It Does

When people approach your booth, greet them and tell them who you are. You might have a great logo or a cool slogan, but none of this matters without substance. Look deeper and think about what makes your brand unique. Are your products safe for the environment? Do you donate some of your sales to charity? How have your products and services improved the lives of others?

Specific Info About Your Products and Services

Include well-written, scannable text that tells visitors about your products and services. Use bullet points, stats, infographics and company FAQs to share key information. Support the text with visuals for better engagement, and consider alternative delivery methods. For example, instead of listing off information on paper, feature the content on interactive kiosks where people swipe through each page.

Product Demonstrations

Show people what your products and services are like. If you have a physical product, you can easily demonstrate it on the trade show floor. Depending on your products, you might also give visitors the chance to test them out. Services can be harder to demonstrate, but you have options. Consider using virtual reality headsets to show visitors what it would be like to use your service.

Testimonials and Reviews

Consumers trust what other people have to say more than the brand itself, so don’t be afraid to share testimonials and reviews from your customers. This social proof shows that other people are using and enjoying your products and services. Some of the ways to feature customer feedback are by using video clips, rotating digital reviews and digital signage.

Real-time Social Media Updates

More brands are incorporating social media to drive engagement and close the gap between people who are at the event and people who are not. Social media can also collect and provide information, as well as drive traffic to your booth. The best way to capture real-time social media posts is by using digital signage. To keep your conversation organized, create a hashtag that people use when posting about your brand.

Promotional Giveaways

Lastly, don’t forget to send visitors off with something to remember your brand by. A promotional item that is useful will keep your brand front and center. Not only will people remember you, but also they will have positive associations with your business. If the item can be used out and about, such as a jacket or backpack, imagine how much exposure your brand can get from a single item!

These are six things that people actually care to see when visiting your trade show exhibit. As long as you include these six things, you should have a happy, engaged crowd. To start working on a custom trade show booth for your next event, contact IGE today.