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Custom Farming Trade Show Exhibit by IGE Group —

Trimble Farming Trade Show Exhibit: Commodity Classic 2017

Farming Trade Show Exhibit

In 2017 IGE wanted to help make Trimble’s farming trade show exhibit in San Antonio really stand out on the show floor. We handled the installation and dismantling of the booth, the production, design and fabrication, as well as the custom elements of the exhibit.

The Show and The Client

Founded in 1976, Trimble Inc. is a developer of GNSS receivers (Global Navigation Satellite System), laser rangefinders, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), inertial navigation systems and software processing tools. In addition, the company sells products and services to land survey, construction, agriculture, transportation and government industries.

Commodity Classic is where America’s farmers meet with success. It is the once-a-year, can’t-miss event for America’s soybean, corn, wheat and agriculture farmers.

Lighting The Way

To make sure Trimble’s farming trade show exhibit attracted attention, we used lighting to bring the booth to life. First, six custom light-box kiosks were positioned around the perimeter to attract attendees. In the center of the booth, LED strips highlighted brand messaging and information. Finally, bright puck lights created a glow in the graphics that breathed energy into the exhibit.

Interactivity and education were the primary objectives of this custom booth. Therefore, from the moment one set foot in the space, guests experienced what Trimble had to offer. The fun began with a fully interactive demo kiosk where visitors could take the steering wheel and try out the software. Moving on, visitors walked around the informational center structure, learning and reading all about the process. Ten custom spinning infographics led attendees through the Trimble story. Meanwhile, on the interior of the primary structure, attendees could meet with an employee for a one-on-one demonstration of the exclusive Trimble product. Every part of the exhibit was interactive and people responded well.


  • Size:  30′ x 30′ (900 square feet)
  • 6 dedicated light boxes
  • Pantone 2945C
Trimble Trade Show Exhibit 3

Trimble's Trade Show Exhibit