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Elevate Your CES Experience with IGE: Your Gateway to Innovative Exhibits

In the fiercely competitive world of CES (Consumer Electronics Show), making an indelible mark is a no-brainer. At InterGlobal Exhibits (IGE), we’re here to be your guiding star in your exhibitor journey. Whether you’re an industry titan or a rising star, our suite of services ensures your CES trade show exhibit is nothing short of spectacular.

IGEXPRESS: Custom Exhibits, Ready to Go!

IGEXPRESS is your shortcut to excellence. We understand the need for a streamlined process, this is why we offer a wide array of pre-designed exhibit layouts. Rather than starting from scratch, you can select a design that aligns with your vision, making the process faster, smoother, and incredibly cost-effective. Why settle for ordinary when you can be exceptional? 

Explore over one  hundred unique trade show exhibit designs, choose the size, layout, and design that aligns with your goals, and let us personalize it with high-quality images, graphics, and technology that embodies your brand. Our team takes care of everything, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business. Contact IGEXPRESS for more information.

The IGE Effect: Elevate Your CES Experience

Exhibit Booth Design: Our specialty is custom exhibit booth design. We’re passionate about creating experiences that resonate with your audience, ensuring they connect with your brand on a profound level.

Exhibit Fabrication: Bringing an exhibit design to life demands meticulous attention to detail, state-of-the-art machinery, and unwavering expertise. Our promise is simple: an on-time delivery, that’s within your budget.

Custom Trade Show Rentals: Why purchase an exhibit when you can rent one? IGE’s rental trade show booths offer a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing the beauty or functionality of a custom display. Renting an exhibit is a savvy choice.

Visual Communications and Graphics: IGE’s Visual Communications and Graphics Department excels in providing high-quality, artistic concepts to make your exhibit booth a magnet for attention on the trade show floor. We offer in-house graphic design services and graphic production.

Trade Show Booth Technology and AV Integration: Seamless audio-visual integration is paramount in today’s tech-savvy world. The harmony between your booth and technology is critical. We ensure they work together flawlessly, creating a visually stunning and efficient experience.

Trade Show Services: IGE is your comprehensive partner in planning all your trade show services. For our clients, the exhibit experience begins months before the exhibit floor opens.

Transportation and Storage: From time-critical transportation to flawless deliveries of your exhibit properties, IGE offers tailored trade show booth storage solutions. We ensure your trade show properties arrive with the right components, in perfect condition, and on time.

Join Us at CES 2024!

CES® is the most powerful tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Partner with IGE | IGExpress to craft an unforgettable brand experience.

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