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Gain Subscribers with Your Corporate Trade Show Booths

Gain Subscribers with Your Corporate Trade Show Booths

Are you putting together your action item checklist for objectives at your trade show booths? Chances are your current list includes items such as lead gathering, product demonstrations, and affiliate networking. However, if you are like many business owners, you may be missing one key goal from your checklist: successfully garnering email subscribers when working your corporate trade show booths.


Subscribers Offer Many Benefits To Your Organization


Why should you care about building your subscriber network when exhibiting at live events with corporate trade show booths? Extending your email list for newsletters and company updates can offer an impressive range of benefits. Every time you can connect electronically with a potential client your business has the opportunity to extend brand recognition and brand loyalty. Additionally, every subscriber you connect with has access to a virtually endless network, both online and personally. Building a bigger subscriber list increases the chance for your subscribers to share your company information by word of mouth or even on their social media pages.

Make Building Your Subscriber List A Top Priority

What is the first tip for building your subscriber list at trade show events? Make it a priority. When strategizing with your staff before each event, ensure that everyone exhibiting in your stands recognizes boosting subscribers as a goal so they can make it a priority during every function.

Of course, recognizing subscriber building as a goal is not the only thing you will need to achieve it. You should also put together action items to successfully stretch your subscription list with each event. Utilizing technology can make a major impact in your endeavors. Brainstorm with your team to find a viable app that can help you quickly enter contact information for visiting guests for follow up communication.

Additionally, work with your staff to make subscription information part of their pitch when meeting with individual guests at your trade show booths. Yes, you will want to make sure they have informed a representative about your merchandise. However, every conversation they have should not only include details about your company/services/products but also how they can stay in the know on what your organization has to offer.


Use Demonstration/Presentation Time To Your Advantage

Are you planning on holding product demonstrations and/or trade show booths presentationsduring the function? You will officially have access to a collective audience. Use this to your advantage; hand out a questionnaire after you present to gain insight on how you can improve your exhibit as well as give them a place to enter in their contact information for future emails.

The most important tip for building your subscription list is to make it as easy as possible for guests at your trade show booths to signup. Setup tablets, laptops, and PC’s throughout the exhibit so visitors can enter in their contact information directly, as well as give permission to be part of your mailing network.

No matter how you achieve subscribers, never forget the post-even golden rule: Follow up! Connect with all of your subscribers soon after the event to further strengthen your relationship and better the odds that you will sustain their attention for long-term return on investment.