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7 Best Trade Show Booth Ideas for 2020

designing a trade show

Many businesses are limiting their hours or temporarily shutting their doors due to the coronavirus outbreak. This is certainly an uneasy time for business owners, but you can put this time to good use. The trade shows and expos you had planned on attending have probably been postponed, so this gives you an opportunity to bolster your exhibit. 

Below are seven of the best trade show booth ideas for 2020.

1. Use recycled materials. 

Sustainable businesses have stronger reputations because these efforts show they care about the greater good. Show your commitment to sustainability by incorporating more recycled and recyclable materials into your trade show exhibit – LED lighting, eco-friendly flooring, sustainably sourced signs and more. 

2. Incorporate virtual reality.

Virtual reality allows you to immerse people in your products and services like never before. People love trying new technologies, and bringing them face-to-face with your products will build memorable experiences and stronger connections. To your advantage, VR headsets are accessible and affordable. 

3. Evoke emotion.

Consider what emotions you want to bring out in your trade show visitors. You can elicit an emotional response by using the right imagery and colors. Dark, closed-off booths look mysterious while bright, open spaces are friendly and inviting. 

4. Go vintage.

Adding vintage elements to your trade show display is a great way to stand apart from the crowd. People love vintage things because they’re tasteful, elegant and reminiscent of easier times. Opt for things like black-and-white photographs, natural elements like wood and antique lighting. 

5. Give relief to tired visitors.

Attendees walk a lot at expos, so why not give them a chance to sit down and relax at your booth? People who have been on their feet all day will appreciate this offer, forming positive associations with your brand. For you, this provides a great opportunity to talk about your business. 

6. Create a hanging ceiling.

Booth space is expensive, so it’s important to utilize all the space you have. Consider beefing up your ceiling using hanging graphics, fabric and lighting. Attendees will see your ceiling from afar, prompting them to pay you a visit. 

7. Design a round booth.

Tired of the same traditional square booths? Try a circular exhibit instead! These displays feature hanging signage, rounded arches, circular islands and round tables. With its unique appearance, people are more likely to stop by and visit your brand. Plus, the circular features make it easy to communicate with groups of people. 

Even though the world is slowing down right now, things will pick up again. Use this time to fine tune your trade show marketing strategy and enhance your exhibit with modern elements. To discuss your design ideas for an upcoming trade show event, contact IGE today.