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Trade Show Tips and Tricks from IGE Group —

What Makes an Effective Trade Show Booth?

effective trade show booth

One of the most important aspects of being a successful exhibitor is having an effective trade show booth design and product display. A compelling booth draws attention from attendees, reflects your company’s goals, and shares information. Whether you are having a new trade show display built or updated with the latest trends, here are some of the elements that will make your trade show booth most successful. 

Large, Open Spaces

Having a large, open space invites people into your trade show booth so they may look around and browse your products and services. With more space comes a more relaxing tone, and visitors don’t have to compete for time or space. Also, an open space is less intimidating because it allows people to walk in and out without feeling trapped. Be sure to complement this space with a clutter-free design, interactive activities, open pedestals and bright lighting.

Clutter-free Design

Simplicity is best when designing a custom trade show exhibit. You only have seconds to grab a person’s attention, and you’re competing with hundreds of other exhibits at the same time. Adding too much to your display can confuse visitors and send them in the other direction. Focus on a simple color palette, minimalist furniture and accents, product displays, clean lighting and a single call to action.

Clear, Concise Graphics

You only have seconds to grab a person’s attention, and the way to do this is with clear, concise graphics. The possibilities for trade show graphics are endless, as they are available in custom shapes, sizes, colors, placement, etc. For example, a long-range trade show graphic is visible from 100 feet away. A short-range graphic communicates your brand’s message up close. When creating graphics for your custom trade show booth, be sure to choose a font and color that aligns with your brand, proper lighting and tailored messaging. 

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing refers to a type of marketing where a product or service is marketed through experiences. These experiences form deep connections between customers and brands, increasing brand loyalty. Luckily, a trade show floor is the perfect place for experiential marketing. Consider the many ways that visitors can interact with your products and services in meaningful ways, such as through virtual reality, augmented reality, product demonstrations, storytelling and more.

To meet your trade show objectives, you need an effective trade show booth design that contains the above four elements. To have a custom display created for your brand, contact IGE for a free quote today.