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Six Foolproof Tips For Designing Corporate Banner Stands That Command Attention

Six Foolproof Tips For Designing Corporate Banner Stands That Command Attention

Corporate banner stands have truly evolved in recent years. Banner stands aren’t just accessories to a bigger exhibit anymore. They now command center stage at even the biggest industry conventions and events.


Create Banner Stands That Captivate With Just A Single Glance


When you’re ready to create Captivating Banner Stands that compel an audience, it’s important to strategically outline your design approach; ensuring your finished product is poised for success. Following six important banner stands design tips can give you the look you need for the convention results you deserve. Once you’ve selected the shape, size and style of your sign, consider:


Your tagline

If you don’t have a brand-identifying slogan for your business, it’s time to get one. Brainstorm with marketing specialists to create a catchphrase that instantly conveys what sets your business apart from others. This slogan will be used as a focal point on the design of your sign.


Important copy

You will need more copy beyond your tagline; however, it’s critical to pare down lengthy content and pick the shortest tagline with the biggest impact. Stick to the “less is more” mentality; this pinpoints how to best relay your business message without overwhelming guests.


Remember eye level marketing

As your designing, your banner stands, remember your most important content should be at eye level. This content is what passersby will see first and it’s likely that this is what they will remember about your organization.


Put the most relevant information first

Not sure which content deserves eye-level real estate? Go through your finalized copy version and prioritize each point in the order of importance. From there, you can place the most important points first to ensure they get top billing.


Use professional images

Don’t be tempted to take out the company’s digital camera and snap a few product pictures to use on your sign. These smaller exhibits and stands only have a limited amount of real estate to get your message across. Using top quality, professional graphics is an absolute must.


Create the right color palette

Once you have your copy and images selected, you are ready to outline the color palette. Use this as the backdrop to all of the other information you’ve selected. If you have brand-specific colors, now is the time to incorporate them. If you don’t have brand colors to consider, use shades that don’t overpower the stand or make the final product seem unorganized or cluttered.


Do you want to know a bonus tip? Once you’ve successfully created the layout for your corporate banner stands, look for a less prominent place to include your business contact information. Placing your website, social media pages, and phone number right on the exhibit itself can help prospective customers get in touch with you after the event has concluded.