InterGlobal Exhibits

Custom Modular Riyadh Motor Show



  • Year 2010
  • Client Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Mandate Trade-show exhibit
  • Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

What we did

  • Design and fabrication
  • Production
  • Full logistics services
  • Installation and dismantle

The Show and the Client

IGE was contracted to create a large custom exhibit for automotive giant Toyota for the Riyadh Motor Show in 2010. In its 28th year, the exhibition convened at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center in Saudi Arabia. The longest-running and most important auto industry event in the Middle East, the show introduced the latest luxury car models, technology and services. The 85,000 participants included an impressive roster of the leading industry players in the automotive sector, along with thousands of trade buyers and visitors.

Toyota is the largest automotive manufacturer and one of the largest companies in the world by revenue. Therefore their exhibit environment mandated plenty of open space for attendees to explore the vehicles, as well as a comfortable area to relax and engage in discussion. It was also important to offer a sense of the company credo: Building a Better Tomorrow. The brand believes their business should generate a profit while also benefiting the people, community and planet. 

toyota lounge

Major Presence

IGE had already worked with Toyota several times in the region, so it wasn't difficult to ensure a consistent brand experience. Designing and building suitable spaces to help differentiate the brand from other auto makers was a fun and creative challenge.  We created an immersive experience with two distinct environments. Above the glossy exterior floor showcasing new products, massive 4-layered floating wings beckoned visitors. Behind the giant LED logo wall, guests entered into a plush lounge and cafe area. These spaces allowed for more private conversation, coffee and beverages, and additional exploration of the vehicle information. We also devised an exciting, innovative way to launch new models. This entailed building an opaque dome that sat over a car and was pulled upward by cables for a big reveal.

The large custom exhibit for Toyota was a full-service project. InterGlobal Exhibits services included the design, fabrication, production and logistics. We were also responsible with the installation and dismantling of the exhibit. 

toyota interior lounge

Vehicles 17

Turntable 1

Lights 150+