InterGlobal Exhibits

Custom Modular Riyadh Motor Show



  • Year 2010
  • Client Toyota
  • Mandate Trade-show exhibit
  • Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

What we did

  • Design and fabrication
  • Production
  • Full logistics services
  • Installation and dismantle

Stunning and innovative

Toyota is in the business of making great cars and trucks. But Toyota also work every day to apply and share their know-how in ways that benefit people, the community and the planet in order to build a better tomorrow. Based on this philosophy IGE has been working for Toyota in the Middle East. Creating stunning and innovative out-of-the-box designs, Toyota has hired IGE on multiple occasions to design, build and do the overall implementation of the Toyota exhibit in the region. In 2010 IGE was hired by Toyota to create a consistent experience across their multiple vehicles which can help them differentiate their offer, and stand out from the crowd. The event was the Riyadh Car Show. 

Vehicles 17

Turntable 1

Lights 150+