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St. Dalfour


  • Year 2022
  • Client St Dalfour
  • Mandate 7M X 11M - 77 square meter exhibit
  • Location Paris, France

What we did

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Set-Up

St. Dalfour: Fruit Spreads that Spread Joy.

St. Dalfour is well-known for making small-batch fruit spreads using fine
ingredients without preservatives, cane sugars or artificial additives. Their French methods and beloved family recipes have been passed down for over three generations, building a true legacy that is known around the world. When consumers see a jar of St. Dalfour fruit spread on the shelves of their stores, they know they’re getting a healthier spread using carefully-selected, ethically-sourced fruits and fruit juices. And what better way to get into the hearts, homes and businesses of more people than by showcasing their exquisite, delectable spreads than at SIAL Paris, the world’s largest
professional meeting in the food sector. 

Lunch on the French Countryside.

As a company that prides itself on handcrafted ingredients, artisanal recipes and ethical practices, St. Dalfour was certain they wanted to create a homey, welcoming space for people to gather in their trade show booth. They chose a French countryside feel, along with a sample area and French-inspired kitchen at the front of the exhibit. With this format, visitors had the opportunity to taste the fruit spreads as well as experience the St. Dalfour brand. To enhance this remarkable experience, we used real vines, custom canopies wrapped in vines, a comfortable, sit-down bistro with stone paver flooring and gentle lighting. 

A True Partnership.

With production facilities near Bordeaux in the southwest of France, St. Dalfour wanted to transport people to these charming vineyards to get the
full experience. To achieve this, we worked collaboratively to come up with
the right look and feel - something simple and authentic but also enhancing and picturesque. This is how we decided on a French countryside theme, and we further expanded upon this with brass, steel and wood finishes. We also worked together to design a comfortable traffic flow with defining areas so that visitors could sample the products and even sit at a classic bistro table alongside real vines, black fencing and garden trellises. 

Feet of Vines 100

Jars of Jam 150

Custom Tables 8