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Choose The Right Team For Your Customized Exhibition Stands

Choose The Right Team For Your Customized Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands offer an effective way to enhance any live marketing solution. Whether they’re used to complement an existing exhibit, or used as a stand-alone display, exhibition stands offer a lightweight, easy to transport visual resource for businesses in any industry looking to build brand momentum and consumer loyalty.


Your Chosen Team Makes A Huge Impact In The Design Experience

Finding the right design team plays a key role in success when you are ready to tap into the promotional power offered by corporate signage. Many vendors may claim industry expertise; however, in order to get the best results possible, you and your team must know how to successfully weed through the masses and pinpoint the right team for your banner stand needs.

When choosing a design team for your business exhibition stands, look for a few critical distinctions to ensure you make an informed final decision. Some key factors to look for include:


Experience, or lack thereof, can make or break the entire design endeavor. When vetting prospective vendors, consider overall operational tenure, as well as the experience level of the team you will work with. Ask about different skills, training, and certifications to know you are partnering with a team capable of breathing life into your current creative vision. Additionally, ask about both local and regional experience and operations. Partnering with a providerwho has a bigger presence in various regions means that you will have access to their resources, no matter where your business exhibits.

Customized Solutions

Speaking of creative vision, it’s important to find a designer of exhibition stands that goes beyond cookie-cutter creative strategies. Your business brand is a unique entity; it’s critical to find a provider who not only recognizes that, but also strives to deliver customized creative solutions based on your specific marketing needs. When sourcing prospects, look for a vendor that truly wants to know and understand your promotional goals and isn’t merely looking to force feed an existing style template on you. A modern, innovative staff will offer a comprehensive portfolio of finishes, colors, cuts, shapes, and sizes for you to choose from. Having the ability to personalize your final look will instantly help you stand out from the competition, and establish yourself as a trendsetting industry innovator.

Established Reputation

An experienced designer of exhibition stands won’t just have a comprehensive portfolio of finished products to show you; they will also have a large list of satisfied customers who can vouch for their overall expertise and professionalism throughout the process as well. When choosing your vendor, ask for a list of references to check to get further insight on what you can expect when teaming with their design staff. When connecting with references, ask about overall experience with the design team as well as how closely the staff stuck to the agreed-upon budget, if there were any unexpected occurrences during the partnership and if the reference would work with the provider again on future projects.