InterGlobal Exhibits

Aviation NBAA Custom



  • Year 2017
  • Client Gogo
  • Mandate 40' x 50' - 2,000 sq. ft.
  • Location Las Vegas, Nevada

What we did

  • Design and Fabrication
  • Show Services
  • Graphic Production
  • Installation and dismantle

One of America’s Largest Trade Shows

The NBAA business aviation convention and exhibition is one of the largest trade shows in the United States. It welcomes over 25,000 industry professionals, ranging from aircraft owners to manufacturers to customers. Gogo - a business aviation company - manages to stand out among the exhibitors. When the client stated that they wanted a design that was even more unique than in years past, IGE Group knew what to suggest.

Soaring to Success with Signature Colors and Lines

To capture the attention of attendees, a large overhead sign was hung above the exhibit. The sign was made to resemble the lines of an airplane. Throughout the structure of the exhibit, the curves and lines followed the same style. To embellish Gogo’s signature red, the hue was used throughout the exhibit. The client wanted to “own” this color, and they succeeded.

The Gogo Experience

What took this exhibit to another level was the way it was structured inside. Rather than having a traditional walk-through setup, the front of the booth was made to look like an upscale airport lounge. Guests could relax in the soft seating or get a beverage from the drink station. Also at the front was a large, 10-foot reception counter that matched the airplane-inspired lines and curves. Behind the lounge were frosted executive meeting rooms. This exhibit design effortlessly balanced splendor and functionality. It is one to remember.

Executive Rooms 2

Channel Logos 1

Hanging Sign 3