InterGlobal Exhibits

Eco-friendly Custom Technology

Crest Oral-B


  • Year 2013
  • Client Crest Oral-B
  • Mandate 50' X 50' - 2500 square foot exhibit
  • Location New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

What we did

  • Strategic planning
  • Production
  • Turn-key Operation
  • Tablets and kiosks
  • Video production

Custom environments

Crest Oral-B is a leading brand of oral hygiene products that includes toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss. When we talk about being your colors, this is exactly what IGE did with the Crest Oral-B exhibit.

The moment attendees set foot in the exhibit they were surrounded by Crest blue. Along with that came a brand experience like no other. 

Revealing Attractive Clever

The focal point was a 20-foot diameter spinning globe that showcased all the Crest Oral-B brands. Other WOW features included a 20-foot turntable with a moving reveal wall that presented the visitors 3 different Crest environments. Using light boxes, lit acrylic product displays and all-acrylic graphics, this exhibit really stood out on the show floor. 

Visitors 15k+

Pantone 2935C

Products 38