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Eco-friendly Custom Technology

Crest Oral-B


  • Year 2013
  • Client Crest-Oral-B
  • Mandate 50' X 50' - 2500 square foot exhibit
  • Location New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

What we did

  • Strategic planning
  • Production
  • Turn-key Operation
  • Tablets and kiosks
  • Video production

The Show and The Client

Brands like Crest and Oral-B require a more specialized presence at trade shows. Specifically, a retail consumer exhibit that invites guests to explore the products in a comfortable environment.  IGE has created trade show booths for these brands in the past, so were well aware of the desired characteristics and objectives. IGE worked on everything from the strategic planning, to the exhibit production and video creation, to final installation of the tablets and kiosks.

Crest + Oral-B is a leading brand of oral hygiene products that includes toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss. Both are owned by American company Procter & Gamble. The ADA is the world's largest and oldest national dental association and promotes good oral health to the public while representing the dental profession. 

Custom Environments

IGE is a big advocate of brands 'owning their colors.' And Crest + Oral-B embraced this with enthusiasm. From across the convention center, Crest blue (pantone 2935C) served as a beacon to attendees.  This beautiful hue permeated the entire retail consumer exhibit, in messaging, graphics and LED lighting. The focal point of the retail custom exhibit was a 20-foot diameter spinning globe that showcased all the Crest Oral-B products. Another 'WOW' feature was a 20-foot turntable with moving walls that revealed 3 different Crest environments. Using light boxes, lit acrylic product displays and all-acrylic graphics, this exhibit really stood out on the show floor. 

Visitors 15k+

Pantone 2935C

Products 38