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Custom Exhibits and Rental Booths

Why buy? Using a Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design Rental from Denver saves you the cost of refurbishment after each cost and storage fees. Renting a custom exhibit for a one-time show is the way to go.

Custom Exhibits and Rental Booths

Modular exhibit created for Gates in Denver, CO

Custom exhibits or rental booths? This is a frequent question for companies attending a trade show. Renting trade show exhibits has pros and cons. Generally speaking, if you’re only going to use exhibit property once or twice, it’s better to rent the materials. On the other hand, if you plan on using the same configurations for all of your trade shows, buying the materials is the better option. On average, renting exhibit materials costs about one-third to one-half the cost of purchasing an exhibit, so how much the exhibit will be used is a huge factor.

IGE Group designs and builds unique custom exhibits and Rental Trade Show Booths using versatile structural properties from our rental inventory. We custom configure these to meet the space requirements and visitor journey at your show. We can change the colors of panels and add unique elements as your budget allows. On top of the structure, we layer your branding. This can be applied in many ways such as direct applied vinyl (which cannot be re-used) and removable graphics panels (which can be re-used and stored for your next event). Graphics application methods are based on budget and plans for re-use.

Adjust Your Design

Some marketing plans call for varied sizes and configurations of exhibits rentals at different trade shows in Denver CO throughout the year. If your exhibit requires this kind of flexibility, you’ll save considerably on purchase and storage by using custom rental display. Let your trade show house know which configuration you need next and they’ll deliver show-ready pieces. After the show, you can take your team to dinner while your booth is dismantled and returned to the warehouse. You never need to worry about purchasing an extra piece to make a new floor plan work.

Showcase Your Latest

Does your exhibit include frequent product roll-outs, seasonal campaigns, or do you cycle through promoting key drivers? If so, you’ll need to change your exhibit layout and lighting often to highlight each new push to best advantage. When you contract a custom rental exhibit booth from Denver, you use what you need for each show then send it back without another thought. No storage, no maintenance, and no capital investment. You can save even more by planning your campaigns a year in advance and ordering double-sided printing when it’s available. Having a banner printed with a different campaign on each side is less costly than having two separate banners printed.

Plan More Economical Displays With Custom Rental Exhibit Pieces

By working with a full-service Denver trade show booth house, you’ll get full support for everything from planning and design to graphics, logistics, and I&D, so you can economize without cutting the quality or impact of your trade show exhibit. Plan ahead to get the best selection of display pieces and the most opportunities to save even more money.