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Portables & Exhibit Systems

With proper attention to brand, messaging and reconfiguration needs, portable and modular booths become a flexible and budget-friendly part of your exhibit program.

Portables & Exhibit Systems

These exhibits are relatively light and compact, reducing costs for transportation and material handling (drayage). And most portable displays can be set up by your own staff, eliminating expense for hired labor. To ensure our clients can count on the long-term value they expect from IGE, we carry and repair products only from system manufacturers that meet our high standards for quality and durability.

Exhibit Program Management, Including:

  • Portable System Design
  • Modular Aluminum Systems Design
  • Tension Fabric Exhibits
  • Exhibit Program Storage and Logistics
  • Repairs and Parts Replacement
  • Display Graphics Design and Production
  • Graphics Inventory Maintenance
  • Reconfiguration Design Services

With over two decades of industry experience, IGE Group knows how to take an ordinary exhibit and turn it into a masterpiece. As a business ourselves, we recognize that businesses pour endless resources into attending trade show events. From the staffing to the travel accommodations to the custom booth design, trade shows require time and money.

This is your time to shine and show your audience why you’re worth their attention. Luckily, you have options beyond investing in a custom exhibit of your own. With our wide selection of portable exhibits, we’ll put your brand back in the spotlight for increased visibility and media coverage.

Portable Exhibits. Lighter on Your Wallet…and Your Back.

Portable and modular booths are part of a budget-friendly exhibit program. They fill a number of priorities, including convenience, cost-savings and versatility. Portable and modular exhibit systems are available in floor and table top styles and can be used in tandem. In just a few short minutes, you can assemble your display and have a major impact on your audience.

Unlike traditional displays that require time and patience to set up, portable systems are lightweight and feature a popup frame. Set up your custom exhibit in a matter of minutes and take it down just as quickly. Portable displays are versatile and allow for accessories, lighting, compelling graphics and more.

Modular exhibits, in particular, adapt from one show to the next. They are fabricated using building block components that can be reconfigured for each event. For example, if you get a large 20×20 booth at one event and a small 10×10 booth at another event, a modular system will accommodate both. A custom exhibit, on the other hand, would be more costly to change.

The Case for Modular Trade Show Solutions.

With options to buy and rent custom exhibits, how do you know which direction is right for your brand? Custom designing a modular or portable booth has advantages you don’t want to overlook.

  • Lightweight materials. Portable and modular displays are made from lightweight materials and fabrics. This keeps costs down without sacrificing quality and durability. The lightweight nature of the materials also lowers shipping and storage costs.
  • Budget-friendly. Portable exhibits are less expensive than custom ones. If you have a smaller budget to work, or want to attend multiple trade show events without breaking the bank, portable and modular systems are ideal. They can be reconfigured so you don’t have to buy as many trade show booths.
  • Use your own staff. With modular systems, you don’t have to rely on anyone other than your own staff. The exhibits are so easy to assemble and disassemble, your employees can handle the entire trade show with confidence. This puts more control into your hands while eliminating the need for hired labor.
  • Embrace your brand. Portable and modular systems are more versatile than you may realize! They can be enhanced with accessories and components such as lighting, signage and graphics. They can be built to your exact specifications and evolve as your brand grows.
  • Stand apart from your competitors. Trade shows keep you busy enough. Why not let your exhibit do some of the talking? A custom portable exhibit demands attention and showcases your individuality. There are many ways to share your story such as through interactive elements, touchscreens or a 3D presentation.
  • Faster repairs. If your modular display is damaged, it can be repaired more easily than a traditional trade show booth. Not only are the materials lighter in weight and easier to work with, but also the display is designed to be assembled, disassembled and reconfigured. This makes it easier to squeeze in repairs and updates.

Delivering Custom Solutions to Each Client.

To deliver truly custom solutions, our team works closely with each client. This is how we understand your specific needs and brand personality. The good news is that learning about our clients doesn’t require anything fancy. All we have to do is listen.

We’re not afraid to do our homework, research industries and audiences, ask questions and receive feedback. All of this information allows us to build a comprehensive vision of what our clients want and how they can achieve it.

IGE Group only carries products from system manufacturers that meet our high standards for quality and durability. We refuse to let our alternative solutions (modular systems, portable systems, rental exhibits) be any lesser in quality than our custom exhibits. To learn more about our modular aluminum systems, tension fabric exhibits, reconfiguration design services and more, call us today.