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Why So Many Exhibitors Are Choosing Pop Up Displays

Why So Many Exhibitors Are Choosing Pop Up Displays

Every exhibitor is faced with the decision of which type of trade show product to use to represent his or her company. Exhibitors can select from a number of different sizes and styles, ranging from versatile portable systems to larger island exhibits. Many companies are choosing to use portable booths, such as pop-up displays and tabletop exhibits, to present their brands. These systems are popular because of their sharp look and innovative features. In this review, we will discuss several reasons why so many exhibitors are choosing to use pop up displays.


Professional Appearance

One of the Benefits of Pop Up Displays is professional appearance. These are booths that businesses trust to present their brands well, as they display detailed, interesting photos and graphics. Some trade show companies offer in-house custom graphics, making your design process even smoother.

Ability To Transport

Another factor that makes modular inline booths so convenient is the fact that they are easy to transport. Not to mention, shipping them is both simple and inexpensive since they are lightweight and pack up small. These booths can also be installed quickly and easily, allowing your team to enjoy hassle-free setup and teardown processes before and after shows.

Excellent Quality Of Pop Up Displays

Businesses are also choosing pop-up displays because of their impressive quality. The components of trade show booths are manufactured to be extremely durable, sometimes even including a lifetime warranty. Innovative trade show companies use fiberglass or carbon for the frames instead of aluminum, allowing the frames to be more flexible.


No one understands the need to be resourceful more than an exhibitor. When you are transporting or shipping exhibits, there is no room for unnecessary pieces. One of the things that exhibitors appreciate about portable booths is that the manufacturers will often create the products to be versatile. For example, the case of a display can be used at a trade show as a table.

Advanced Design

The fifth factor that makes pop-up displays so appealing to businesses is their advanced design. Not only are the frames long lasting and professional looking, but they are also designed to be simple to install. There are a variety of frames you can choose from. There are even frames that use a self-locking feature to install themselves. Talk about convenience!

Available Accessories 

Another element that makes modular inline booths a great choice for any exhibitor is the fact that they can be enhanced and updated with accessories. Accessories allow you to add both creative and functional elements to your booth. For example, you can place some LED lights behind your display for a backlit effect. Additionally, you can add shelving, TVs, and other accessories to enhance your presentation.

Keep these factors in mind the next time your business is trying to decide which trade show product to use.