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Trade Show Stands Offer Flexibility, Portability, Economy

Trade Show Stands Offer Flexibility, Portability, Economy

If your trade show marketing plan is built around portability, flexibility, and frequent graphic updates, building your booth display using trade show stands may prove an excellent value. Thanks to the modular design of a stand-based banner display, you can pack an entire 10-foot back wall with shelves into a pair of cases that can be shipped or transported in most passenger cars. With features like retractable banners, a single person can easily set up the entire display too.


Advantages Of Using Trade Show Stands

Simple Set-Up

Premium quality banner stand systems include smart design features like tool-free set-up and retractable banners. This means that even if you’re on your own for setting up your booth, you’ll have it done right, in no time flat.

Easy Transport

A 10-foot back wall made with trade show stands and custom graphical banners weighs much less than a single-panel back wall, plus it’s much easier to move. Packed into its shipping cases, a modular system situated on banner stands keeps everything you need at hand. A retractable banner system eliminates the issue of trying to keep your banners safe during transport. It is also easier to pack and unpack your graphics without damaging edges or creasing the panels.

Customized Display Accessories

Does your booth need literature racks? Do you need shelves to display demo models or merchandise? Maybe you’ve wanted to include multimedia or an interactive element to your booth, but were concerned complicating your set-up. The great thing about a portable display system is that it offers so many options in terms of what you can display and how it’s displayed. You don’t have to sacrifice ‘w factor and functionality for convenience with a well-designed portable display system.

Pull A Quick Change

Because portable display systems use banners that are easily removed and replaced, they offer economical versatility.  Your company can target a specific product or line at one show, then throw the spotlight onto a different product when you’re in a different market. Make seasonal updates or feature new merchandise; the possibilities are endless! Retractable banners are far less expensive to have printed than solid back wall panels and they can be changed out in minutes.

Configuration Options

Trade show stands offer far more options than any solid back wall ever could. It allows you to adapt to different booth sizes and shapes and offers the flexibility to move your larger graphics around the booth to grab more attention.

Spread The Word

Trade show stands can help you spread your message around the convention hall by placing your banners in key locations outside your booth. Put them in places where people are likely to spend time, such as hallways, restrooms, in the dining area or the lobby. These additional exposures to your message keep your name and logo fresh in everyone’s mind. The result is that they’ll be more likely to seek your booth out on the show floor.