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Do Portable Displays Pack as Much Punch as Custom Displays?

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When you consider how eye-catching, versatile and affordable portable displays are, it’s hard not to love them. More companies are giving these exhibits a second look because they are lightweight and cost-effective. Even with all the advances in portable exhibit systems, some businesses still worry that they aren’t as effective as their custom-made counterparts. Is this true, or do portable exhibits pack the same punch as custom exhibits?

Let’s review the advantages to choosing a portable display and when these exhibits are best used.

Benefits of Portable Displays

  • Lightweight. In order to be light and transportable, modular displays are made from lightweight materials. They are great for events that are far away because they cost less to ship or can be transported in a company vehicle. Their lightweight nature also makes them a great option for smaller events like fundraisers, training seminars and recruiting fairs.
  • Easy setup. If you’re tired of needing extra staff to set up your booth, a portable display is refreshing. Usually, only one person is needed to get everything up and running. This means more time can be spent preparing for the show!
  • Custom options. Not all portable displays look the same. There is room for customization, such as literature stands, popups, tabletops displays, banner stands, kiosks and more. Plus, the displays are made from modular pieces that are fully customizable.
  • Wow factor. Yes, portable exhibits DO have the ‘wow factor.’ Use high-quality graphics to reinforce your brand’s message. Hang up colorful banners to attract your target market. Install LED lighting for aesthetic purposes. There are many ways to capture people’s attention using modular pieces.

When it’s Best to Use Portable Exhibits

Choosing a portable display does not mean that you have to sacrifice results. That said, modular displays are best used for certain events. We recommend them for:

  • Small affairs
  • Recruiting events
  • Fundraisers
  • New business ventures
  • One-day events
  • Far away events
  • Conserving money

When Should You Choose a Custom Exhibit?

If you plan to attend multiple trade shows during the year, we recommend going with a custom display. Although it’s a bigger investment, you can use the display numerous times and have a big impact at your events. Custom exhibits allow for maximum customization, including touch screens, LED lighting, augmented reality, 3-D signage and virtual reality. With practice and training, your staff will be comfortable setting up the exhibit.

To learn more about portable displays and how they can help you meet your trade show goals, contact IGE today!