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Maximize B2B Results With Your Pop Up Displays

Maximize B2B Results With Your Pop Up Displays


Using pop up displays is a convenient and effective way to up your business-to-business marketing game if you have an efficient plan. If you’re ready to boost your B2B impact with your pop up displays, following a few tips and suggestions can help you maximize results and overall return on investment.

Plan In Advance

Many entrepreneurs assume that planning in advance for success at a live event means signing up and making travel arrangements. However, effective planning requires far more than that. Brainstorming with your team about pre, during, and post-show execution can help keep everyone focused on your corporate goals and objectives.


Know Your Goals

Speaking of your corporate goals and objectives, do you know what yours are? If not, it’s time to get some. Sit down with your team and outline the specific purpose of each event. Yes, different events have different reasons for participation. Making your list, which can include priorities such as lead generation, unveiling a new product, and extending your brand exposure can keep everyone on point at any given show.


Offer Your Expertise

Want to stand out from the masses when marketing with your pop up displays? Volunteer as a keynote speaker during the event. As a speaker, you can instantly set yourself apart as an industry expert, as well as command attention from other businesses attending the event. Of course, speaking opportunities are a highly sought after commodity, so offer your services as early in advance as possible to secure your spot.


Promote Your Attendance

Setting up your pop up displays isn’t enough to grant your business the attention that it deserves. In order to optimize your B2B results, it’s important to get the word out to your prospective clients about where your business will be exhibiting. Post updates to your website and social media pages, contact local prospective customers and even send mail updates to other businesses, to ensure they know where to find you. Also, whenever possible, you should invite prospects to set up a meeting with your team during the event itself.


Get Your Booth B2B Ready

Pop up displays offer effective brand messaging; however, the layout of your booth should be strategically implemented. Working with the design team at a reputable provider can help bring your marketing message to life. A creative staff will deliver a customized exhibit that perfectly showcases your brand for optimal audience impact.


Consider Giveaways

One tried and true component of any B2B marketing plan is trade-show giveaways. Of course, in order to successfully stand apart from other exhibitors, the swag you giveaway has to have relevance and value to your targeted demographic. It must also be capable of holding the attention of those who receive them long after the function has concluded. No matter what you give away, remember that your item will be a visual representation of your brand; make it a memorable and quality item.


Don’t Forget The Post-Show Post-Mortem

Finally, in order to maximize results with your B2B marketing plan, it’s important to consistently schedule a post-show follow-up meeting, where you and your team can debrief each other of what worked, what needs slight modifications, and what fell flat.