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5 Fun Ideas to Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Booth

Google Cardboard virtual reality


Want more visitors coming to your trade show booth? Of course you do! Increased traffic to your exhibit means more opportunities to talk with leads and convert them into customers. Even if some of the traffic isn’t interested in converting, they can meet your brand and be introduced to what you do.

Getting noticed at a busy trade show event isn’t exactly easy, especially if you have a smaller booth that isn’t centrally placed. Fortunately, attracting more visitors to notice you can be done on a budget. Below we share our best strategies to bring more people to your exhibit.

1. Money Blowing Machine

Who doesn’t love free money? I know I do. Stepping inside a money blowing machine is fun and exciting, so having one at your exhibit will definitely get you noticed. Even if people aren’t interested in getting in the booth, they’ll love watching people be silly. You don’t have to use real money, either. Vouchers for prizes work well, too. Be sure to keep the time spent in the booth short (usually 20-30 seconds) so that everyone has a chance to participate.

2. Customized Prize Wheel

Another great way to attract visitors to your exhibit is by having a prize wheel. People come up, spin the wheel and collect a prize. It only takes a few seconds to spin the wheel, so everyone can participate. Prize wheels are inexpensive and can be recycled for all of your shows with fresh, unique and relevant prizes. Use your prize wheel to draw people in, get rid of extra inventory and add a special touch to promotional items.  

3. Promotional Products that Fill an Immediate Need

Love giving away promotional items at your trade show events? Give away something that is immediately useful, such as a water bottle or canvas bag. People appreciate when brands anticipate their needs, so visitors will be more open to visiting your booth and hearing your message. And if you want to do something really unique, serve snacks and water privately labeled with your brand name and logo.

4. Photo Booth with Props

A photo op is a great way to draw people in. We live in a selfie era where people love to document their lives and the things they do. Use a backdrop with your brand name and logo and supply visitors with photo props to make the pictures fun. The backdrop can be made from a retractable banner or point of purchase display. Not only are photo ops great icebreakers, but the pictures also generate content that can be shared on your social profiles.

5. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Take visitors on an experience of a lifetime with virtual reality or augmented reality. You’ll stand out from the crowd and build trust with your audience. VR is an investment, especially compared to the options above. But it’s one worth investing in. To keep costs down, try  Google Cardboard glasses. The headset can be branded for your company and folded for easy transport. They run between $5-$10, not including the phone.

Brands are getting more creative at attracting people to their booths, which means you have to, too. To ensure that you get noticed by the right audience, use our five ideas as inspiration and adjust them to fit your audience.