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Four Ideas For Using Banner Stands at Trade Shows

Four Ideas For Using Banner Stands at Trade Shows

Banner Stands are an excellent option for businesses that exhibit. Faced with the challenge of utilizing a variety of resources to try capturing the attention of their target market and persuade them to purchase products or services, many exhibitors opt to use banner stands at events. Because they have been used by so many companies for so many different reasons, lots of people may take these portable systems for granted. It is best to recognize that banner stands are quite useful for many different purposes. Below are four ideas for using banner stands at shows and conferences.


#1 – Banner stands can be used to provide instructions and direction to visitors.

One simple but effective way to use a stand is to provide information or instructions to attendees. This accomplishes a few different things. One, when an attendee arrives at an event, he or she may not know in which direction to head. Event organizers can use a stand to direct visitors in the right direction. Two, an exhibitor can use a stand to invite attendees to visit their exhibit and check out their products and services. Their simple, sleek design makes these portable displays both noticeable and effective.


#2 – Get the word out about new and modified products.

Are you planning on releasing a new product or service in the near future? Maybe you are just making some awesome modifications to a current product. Either way, portable displays are a great way to get the word out about a new or enhanced product. Featuring a picture of the product on your display is usually a very effective method. Additionally, passing out samples of the item to trade show visitors is a great way to win people over.


#3 – Diversify your target market by appealing to a new audience.

Has your company recently decided that you want to expand your target audience? Maybe you are launching new products or services in order to attract a new segment of consumers. Or perhaps you are trying to present your current products or services in a way that makes them more attractive to the new segment. Banner stands can be customized to reach a whole new audience. So much of attracting the attention of attendees has to do with the design of your portable displays, including theme, colors, graphics, and messages. Design your portable displays to reach the chosen market segment.


#4 – Encourage attendees to visit your website.

Do you want trade show visitors to check out your website? What about your company Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or Instagram accounts? Portable displays are a great way to encourage attendees to visit your website or social media platforms. Not only can you use a portable display to feature your URL, Twitter handle, Instagram handle, and more, but you can also get creative with it. For example, you could use a portable display to give visitors a promotional code that will give them a certain percentage off of an online order. That gives people incentive to not only visit your site, but to make purchases as well.


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