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Easy Trade Show Booth Set-Ups Cut Costs, Not Impact

Easy Trade Show Booth Set-Ups Cut Costs, Not Impact

There are plenty of reasons a business should take advantage of a portable trade show display booth. Using a portable display cuts costs significantly and allows for set up without professional installation. This is an economical way to “test-drive” a new show or market before committing to a large space or structural display for that event. It also offers companies who are new to trade show marketing a way to make a big impression without breaking the bank. Whatever the reason your company is considering using portable trade show displays, the first thing you should know is that you don’t have to sacrifice visual impact and marketing effectiveness to use these economical forms of display.


Easy Trade Show Booth Options

Banner Stands

Banner stands have evolved beyond their humble rectangular roots. Today, some better quality designs work together as a back wall, offering creative forms with different shapes and dimensions. Opt for stands that offer tool-less banner changes and high-quality printing and materials, so you get the best value. Your display will grab attention when you use a banner stand system featuring accessory lights specially fitted to the stands. A well-designed set of banner stands that form a wall fits into a container you can transport in most passenger cars or as a piece of airplane luggage. A single person is able to assemble one in a few minutes.

Inflatable Options

Inflatable pieces with many appealing features are newer than banner stands or pop-ups. Because many are backlit, they are visible from a greater distance. Quality ones fit into a container the size of a standard suitcase or smaller, depending upon the piece. Forms range from towers to conference rooms, with everything from back walls to projection screens.

Possibilities of Pop-Ups

Pop-up displays are not new, but the materials used to make the good ones are much improved. Carbon fiber frames offer outstanding performance in terms of balancing durability with weight. Higher-end systems feature self-locking connectors, so it’s easy for your team to get the frame to pop up and lock into place. Fabrics and printing processes on quality units are also improved over their predecessors, offering excellent image clarity and far greater resistance to creasing and tearing. Some pop-up back wall systems even allow you to assemble the walls back-to-back, creating a center display for an island space.

Shave Costs, Not Quality

Using portable display pieces for easy trade show booth set up helps make the most of your marketing budget without sacrificing brand image or utility. You will save significantly by reducing or eliminating freight, drayage, and I&D costs. Accessories like shelving, tables, workstations, monitor mounts or tablet stands offer flexibility. The result is a booth with everything your team needs make a memorable impression with visitors and achieve your company’s trade show marketing objectives.