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Choose Elements For Your Portable Display That Will Impress Your Audience

Choose Elements For Your Portable Display That Will Impress Your Audience

Portable displays are an excellent option for the DIY trade show exhibitor. They are easy to set up and collapse, both of which can be done without a toolbox or a group of professionals. When it comes to designing and setting up your trade show booth, the main goal is to bring in customers, and using a portable display can do just that. By choosing the best elements for your next trade show, you can make sure your booth will stand out and attract customers.


Customize Your Portable Display

Creating Impressive Portable Displays is one of the best ways to not look the same as your competition. Making the best first impression is important. You can choose to customize for your business or the specific event you’re attending. Portable displays enable you to have various pieces of display equipment that can work for all sizes of booths. This means you won’t have to order all new pieces for each trade show you attend. This includes back wall displays and banner stands with bold graphics that attract attention and help bring in more customers.


Incorporate Technology

Elements of your Portable Display gives you the ability to incorporate tablets and touch screen displays. Having interactive activities in trade shows and games enables you to give out more information in a fun and engaging way, which means people will better understand and remember you and your product or service. Adding a full kiosk stand with keyboards and monitors makes it easy for customers to browse online catalogs and inventory.


Make Space For Merchandise

Once you get people to come into your booth, you need to ensure customers will follow through with their purchase. And while virtual tours and examples are a great way to highlight key features, there’s nothing like a tangible example of your product that can be handled and tested to really make people want to buy.


Utilize Accessories

To make the most of your portable displays, there is a range of accessory options to really make your trade show booth space stand out. Tables and podiums give customers a clear place to start and find items like brochures, catalogs, and contact information. Chairs and benches give attendees a place to relax and be comfortable while you offer product demos or give talks. Storage and display pieces are two very important accessory categories. With plenty of shelving to showcase products and storage to keep clutter to a minimum; your booth will always look neat and clean. Using the right accessories can make all the difference in making your portable display both functional and attractive.


Using portable displays is a great option for your next trade show. They are cost effective, easy to set up and portable, so you never have to worry about being unprepared or underprepared, even if you decide to exhibit at the last minute. And with options for both purchase and rental, you’ll never have to worry about committing to more equipment than you need.