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Build a Winning Multimedia Exhibit with IGE

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These days, brands have to work harder to capture their audience’s attention on the trade show floor. As you walk past the various custom trade show booths, you’ll see an assortment of forward-thinking technology that works hard to attract your attention. In a lot of cases, this energy brings in the right attention. After all, people love to play games, explore the latest technology, and be a part of something bigger. But as a company that plans on exhibiting at multiple trade shows, knowing how to win the crowd can be a challenge. 

The first step to creating a multimedia experience is working with the right exhibit company. They should have extensive experience building booths and willing to accept out-of-the-box ideas. IGE does both. To leave a memorable impression on your audience, here are some of the ways that we can create a multimedia exhibit that separates you from the competition. 

What is Trade Show Multimedia? 

Multimedia refers to content that uses more than one medium to express or communicate a message. Digital signage is an example of multimedia. It uses eye-catching displays to capture attention from visitors and share important information. Thanks to its effectiveness, digital signage is a visual tool that most trade show exhibitors use.  To make your exhibition booth stand out, you need to think beyond digital signage. Other multimedia ideas include: 

  • LED displays
  • Backlit displays 
  • Animation 
  • Interactive games 
  • Custom videos 
  • Digital kiosks 
  • Virtual reality 
  • Banner stands 

What are the Benefits of Fabricating a Multimedia Exhibit? 

People want to be entertained. As attention spans grow shorter and consumers rely on effortless interactions, multimedia will only grow more purposeful. Working with IGE, we can work together to create a more effective trade show display. Here are some of the ways that you can benefit. 

  • Get more eyes on your exhibit. Trade shows are competitive. Still, that’s no reason to take a back seat to your competitors. Position your brand front and center by using sounds, lights and visuals. The brain is hardwired to see this information first.
  • Educate visitors. If your product or service is more difficult to learn, use visuals to educate your audience. This will help them learn about your products and be more open to using them in their own lives. 
  • Create memorable impressions. When people return home from a trade show, they’ve had a day or two of meeting numerous companies. Make yours stand out by creating immersive, memorable experiences through multimedia.
  • Nurture customers through the funnel. Multimedia can be used at multiple touch points. This allows you to be there when customers have questions or concerns. By addressing any doubts, you can keep customers in the funnel and move them closer to the desired result. 

When working with multimedia exhibits, it’s important not to cut corners. Contact IGE to schedule a consultation and discuss your options. We can turn an ordinary trade show exhibit design into something remarkably intuitive and immersive.